GPT (Formally called Pipeline Seal and Insulator Co. Ltd. – PSI) is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of a wide variety of high quality products used to guarantee the safe flow of fluids through pipeline transmission and distribution systems. Established in 1960, we have continuous grown and expanded globally.
You will find the products of PSI wherever you find pipelines that carry the fluids to the following :

  • Electrify the factories
  • Energize cities
  • Fuel Transportation
  • Quench the thirst of Nations. i.e. water supply- Pipelines Networks
  • Water Treatment Plants / Sewage Plants

about ROXTEC

ROXTEC develops, manufactures and sells complete sealing solutions for cable ducts and pipes. Its modular seals were the pioneers of a new market and ensured a rapid and sustained growth, but the positive trend of growth is mainly due to very committed to the company, strong values and particular attention to the customer.
The flexible sealing system : Our cable seals and piping ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability. Whether are you an owner, developer or installer, you can rely on our solutions where cables and pipes pass through openings and whatever will be their sizes.
Standardize to succeed : Roxtec, as standard solution, is beneficial for homeowners who requires a long-term operational reliability and a good return on their investments. It is also perfect for designers who need smart solutions for installers wanting a quality job with ease.

about RAMCRO SpA

Is a company founded in 1979 that has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of special cabels.
Its target is to satisfy the client services, which is why it has built a wide range of product characterized by the quality and reliability of service to the customer.
His production of special cables is carried according to the customer’s specifications..
It offers a very high level of technical assistance and ensures traceability up order to delivery.


Palazzoli born in 1904, founded by the Knights of Labor Federico Palazzoli as a company that specializes in electrical equipment, power and industrial plants for energy supply.. For over 100 years, unsurpassed standard safety always remain true priority. This commitment has made the brand synonymous PALAZZOLI
Reliability in the electrical engineering industry, consistently recognized for its many customers and
established by the consolidated performance of its products.

about CEAR srl

Costruzioni Elettrotecniche Cear designs and manufactures integrated systems for electrical distribution and industrial automation.
Since 1980, we provide a complete service from design, construction, installation and commissioning of medium and low voltage switchboards, cabinet control systems, complete industrial automation systems with API and SCADA and processing cabins and distribution.
Our main clients operate in Italy and over all the world, abroad in complex industrial installations in the energy branch, ecology, handling and in public works.
The established report for several years with engineering companies and big contractors has led us from the start, as company policy, to seek high levels of quality and production: the design of our products, systems and solutions is complies with all European and international standards as well as ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
Cear also stands on the market thanks to its ability to develop customized solutions, complete supply “turnkey” power and electrical instrumentation, fruit of now-how of our “on the ground” trained technicians and responsive to the demands of customer problems and requirements. .

about Cortem SpA

Cortem Group, formed by the brands Cortem, Elfit and Fondisonzo, is one of the most competitive companies of Oil & Gas. Since 1968, Cortem S.p.A. has been designing and manufacturing explosion-protected electrical equipment addressed to hazardous areas, meeting on-shore and off-shore applications.
CORTEM SpA was founded in 1968 and is proud of its 46 years of experience in the international market for the design and manufacturing of flameproof electrical equipment certified according to ATEX / IEC codes for the petrochemical, chemical, refining and shipbuilding construction.
CORTEM SpA offers a wide range of products, including lighting fixtures, junction boxes, control panels, control and signaling, end switchers, switches, plugs and sockets, vacuum cleaners, presses glands and accessories, electrical fittings, flexible and rigid ducts tubes.
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